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Mystic By Any Other Name Is Still Mystic

This is one long ass and i mean long ass blog post. you've been warned. ?Hello Pier Nation, I've been away longer than planned (business comes before blogging) and it all sidetracked me from finishing this post, but i am back so you should see the Pier updated a lot more often going foward.

Let me first take you on a trip down memory lane to summer and fall of last year with a reminder i did several short blogs between July and October about Mysticzilla and her fake "other personas" screen names. Now before any of you self defined wordsmiths get too up in arms that technically any screen name that doesn't show your real name is by definition fake, i'm specifically referring to that subhuman class of wire chatters that think they are somehow fooling everyone when they come in with a brand new screen name (and usually pretend it's their first time in the room) and then when confronted, they deny obvious truth. Hell there wouldn't even be a blog about all this if the bitch would just fess up when she's busted.

I know in the last year plus, there were several other roomies (more than 6, less than 12) in the room that saw the same things we saw and of course i also have the benefit of the room logs for research when needed. You also might recall last November 16, I posted a long blog about mystic stating FACTS. IRREFUTABLE FACTS. Let me emphasize. I R R E F U T A B L E. Many of which have since been confirmed by others and i clearly stated mystic was doing a lot of this routine herself, going so far as to use 2 or more names in the room at the same time (she has actually had 3 or 4 in the room more than a dozen times this year alone).